Spring is less than a month away and that, of course, means it’s time for Spring cleaning.  But as you are clearing clutter and washing windows, don’t forget that your computers and devices need a good Spring cleaning, too.

Cleaning the clutter off your computer increases speed, resolves glitches, and keeps it running smoothly. Bring your devices in for a checkup or schedule a visit to your office, and we can remove viruses, spyware and malware for you, as well as install updates and back-up your photos and media, which helps extend its life and maximize performance.

While we have it, we will also clean the inside for you.  Dust and dirt build up internally and can cause all sorts of issues, like overheating from restricted ventilation, which can damage a computer in the long run.

Do you have old, unused hard drives, DVD drives, laptops, or towers cluttering your basement or office? We accept older devices for recycling.  We can back-up the media you want to save and then properly dispose of the device for you.

So, make sure to include a computer cleanup on your Spring cleaning to-do list.  To setup a checkup appointment, schedule a recycling drop off, or if you simply have a question, call us at 215 343 8443.